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Olympus Chiropractic Billing, with over 10 years of relevant experience, is able to comprehensively serve Chiropractic practices throughout the nation. Our experienced team of Chiropractic billing specialists is determined to turn your unresolved claims into compensation that you are owed. As a company that specializes in Chiropractic billing, Olympus is the only resource you will ever need to improve your cash flow.

Build Relationships with Our Professional Staff of Chiropractic Billers

Our company services all kinds of Chiropractic practices; the volume, type and size of your practice are not important to the positive outcome of your practice. We work just as hard for small practices as for the large ones. Equipped with the proper resources and industry knowledge, our team of billing specialists is able to effectively service Chiropractic practices nationwide with individualized attention resulting in significant improvement for your bottom line..

Reduce Your Expenses While Increasing Revenue

Our system produces not only results, but also detailed reports and the attention that you need to make your practice a success. You are compensated more quickly, able to easily track claims, and able to pursue all unpaid or partially paid claims, while having to contend with far fewer rejected claims.

Follow Up, Follow Up and Follow UP

We provide relentless and diligent pursuit of all insurance claims and accounts receivable; we follow up with the insurers all claims that have not been paid, allowing both your staff and yourself to direct your attention towards the daily operations of your practice.
A few of the billing services that we offer include:

• Significantly Higher Number of First-Pass Claims – Our billing company has a first-pass claim rate of approximately 95%; you will secure your owed money more quickly than ever before with the aid of our billing services.
• Appeal Denied Claims – All denied claims are automatically appealed.
• Patient Security – We adhere to all HIPAA privacy and security standards; your patient’s personal information is never at risk of being compromised.
• Enhanced Ability to Resolve All Billing Issues – All claims are handled quickly and accurately by our Chiropractic billing specialists.
• Continuous Support – Our billing managers are always easily accessible to our clients, for clients support.

An Affordable Alternative to Your Billing Problems

With just a small, all-inclusive fee of your collections for our entire premium billing services, we are an extremely accessible solution to commonly encountered billing problems. We offer a 30 day FREE trial. We will meet or beat your expectations, or you don’t pay.

Improve Your Billing with Olympus Chiropractic Billing

Contact us today for the personalized attention and expansive knowledge that results in the timely collection of the money that you are rightfully owed. Please complete the Contact form or call any of our offices, for a quick response.