"Working with Olympus Chiropractic Billing has been a big positive step for our practice. They instituted electronic billing to our office at no cost to us. They quickly respond to our questions and concerns. Our billing gets processed within days and everything can be viewed online; we get daily reports from our assigned representative. I would highly recommend Olympus Billing to any practice that wants to adapt to automation, save time in the office, and better their insurance collections!"
Dr. Timothy K. Lawler D.C.
Sunman, IN 47041
"Olympus Chiropractic Billing stays on top of billing and collections and does a great job in keeping cash flowing. They automatically follow up on denied claims. They know how to get claims paid and how to deal with insurance companies. They are very professional and provide personalized service. We had a billing company prior to using them; comparatively their prices are lower, and the quality of their work is much superior. I highly recommend Olympus Billing."
Dr. William Richards D.C.
Denver, CO 80211
"With Olympus Chiropractic Billing our transition to electronic billing was smooth and at no cost to us. They have saved us time and money, as well as expedited the time taken by the insurance companies to pay. They are always quick to respond and are very knowledgeable in Chiropractic Billing. Our office is running more efficiently and our accounts receivable have dwindled. I highly recommend Olympus Billing to anyone looking to speed up the time in which claims are processed and payments are received"
Dr. Mark Clayton, D.C.
Los Angeles CA 90064