Specialty Chiropractic Billing

Increase billing accuracy, improve cash flow, ensure compliance

Olympus is a chiropractic billing company serving chiropractors since 2012. We work with offices of all sizes – from one-provider small practice to large groups throughout the United States.

Olympus Chiropractic Billing Benefits

Olympuspsych focus on patient care

Focus on Patient Care

Let us handle your financial burdens while you handle what matters most: your patients.

Olympuspsych increase billing accuracy

Increase Billing Accuracy

Our chiropractor billing specialists ensure accurate and timely submission of claims, helping you maximize reimbursements while reducing the number of rejections and denials.

Olympuspsych improve cash flow

Improve Cash Flow

We help you acquire a steady, continuous cash flow by offering an interruption-free service and daily claim submission, as well as following up on all aging A/R.

Olympuspsych Reduce operational expenses

Reduce Operational Expenses

Instead of spending thousands on training, salaries, and benefits, the only cost you will have to worry about is our collections-based pricing.

Olympuspsych improve patient satisfaction

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Without the challenge of dealing with billing, your staff can instead focus on your patients.

Olympuspsych ensure compliance

Ensure Compliance

Our experienced and well-trained staff ensures compliance with an ever-changing payer policy.

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Getting Started is Easy!

Please complete the contact form, we will promptly email you more information, a list of references you can call, and a sample contract. If you agree please sign the contract online and forward that to us. We will assign you a dedicated billing  manager who will contact you. You would be integrated with us in two to five business days.Please note, our contract is month to month, there is no set up fee, and the first 30 days are free trial. You can terminate the contract anytime.

You can also call us at 800 216 2399, one of our staff member will answer all your questions and would walk you through.