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Olympus chiropractic billing frequently asked questions

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We specialize in chiropractic billing and our staff can submit “clean” claims with a 98% acceptance rate, resulting in quicker payments. Furthermore, practices often lose a significant amount of income due to unpaid insurance claims that they simply do not have time to follow up on. We can do that for you!

This primarily depends upon your practice size. You may no longer need billing staff, but having an administrative team to continue managing authorizations, filing, and scheduling may still be essential and/or desired. However, with us handling your billing needs, your team will instead be able to focus on their other tasks more the word efficiently.
In cases of online software, you provide us with the login credentials. For server-based software, we use a remote access app such as LogMeIn, Team Viewer, etc.
Yes! We work remotely with your software; you will still have access to financial reports and can check claim status and patient account balances.
Yes! We provide a Business Associate Agreement to clients that outlines our HIPAA policies. All our staff are required to abide by HIPAA guidelines regarding patient privacy and protected health information (PHI).
There are multiple ways you can send your data to us. Depending upon your current EHR system, we may be able to retrieve the data from the medical records directly. You can also send us your superbills via fax or online services we use that are secure and HIPAA compliant.
Yes, the insurance companies mail payments directly to you or deposit them electronically to your bank account.
Yes! We assign you a dedicated billing manager who is available via email and phone during business hours.
Yes, we obtain information regarding co-pay/coinsurance amounts, deductible information, etc. We can also handle pre-authorizations. For more information, please check our Prices page.

Our fee covers comprehensive insurance billing solution. However, we do have optional services that will incur additional costs, such as credentialing, verification of benefits, pre-authorizations, and old A/R collections.

We have a month-to-month contract which you can terminate at any time without penalty.
Getting started is easy:
  1. Call us at 800-216-2399 or fill out the contact form; we will promptly email you a quote, more information, a list of references, and a sample contract.
  2. If agreed, sign the contract electronically and we will assign you a dedicated billing manager who will contact you shortly after.
  3. The integration time is about two to five business days.

Each month, you will receive an invoice from Olympus Chiropractic Billing via email, you can pay your bill online via the secure portal. We accept major credit cards and e-checks.

Getting Started is Easy!

Please complete the contact form, we will promptly email you more information, a list of references you can call, and a sample contract. If you agree please sign the contract online and forward that to us. We will assign you a dedicated billing  manager who will contact you. You would be integrated with us in two to five business days.Please note, our contract is month to month, there is no set up fee, and the first 30 days are free trial. You can terminate the contract anytime.

You can also call us at 800 216 2399, one of our staff member will answer all your questions and would walk you through.